Agitprop for the mortgage belt

You may not have to be white to buy a house, but you definitely have to be blonde to be a reporter

You may not have to be white to be a homeowner, but you do have to be blonde to be a reporter

Nick Folkes, chairman of the Party for Freedom and third-prize winner of the 1999 John Bunting Lookalike Contest, speaks to media during a demonstration against the “Chinese takeover of Australia” he convened in Sydney today. On the back of a sustained letterboxing campaign that linked property prices to foreign real estate investment, today’s crowd of five was a remarkable 25 percent larger in size than his last rally, held in Martin Place in support of one of the women shot during the Lindt Cafe siege back in December. Media responses have naturally taken a reproachful tone, albeit one that’s been absent from similar discussions in recent years: journalists may feel assured enough to tell Folkes that foreign investment is a fringe issue these days, but they don’t dare say the same to cabinet ministers.